About Erika

From her upbringing in Louisiana as a warden’s daughter to her early career in healthcare to her calling as an artist, Erika Guillory Page has collected stories of intrigue, adversity, redemption and love – stories that reveal themselves in her works on wood, canvas and paper.

Early in life Page felt the pull of creative expression, yet there was little opportunity for fine art study in rural Louisiana. Her path first led to a career in nursing, where she cared for the most vulnerable of patients, those in ERs and ICUs at hospitals in Louisiana, Virginia and Georgia. The intense human connection inherent in this vocation profoundly set the stage for her future work.

Page at last channeled her compassion into artistic study, where she found her voice under the guidance of instructors and mentors such as Charles Walls, Michael David, and Cynthia Packard. She quickly discovered that storytelling is the soul of her work. “My desire is to speak truth and make each mark with integrity,” Page says. “I try to infuse my work with grit and grace, and I hope my stories connect with yours.”

Page’s signature expression is large works up to 10-feet in scale, utilizing oils and cold wax on wood panel. She also creates intimate oil crayon drawings on paper. Her work has been featured in exhibitions and private collections across the US and Canada. She currently lives and works in metro Atlanta, Georgia.

Erika Guillory Page is represented by:

Gerald Peters Gallery / Santa Fe, New Mexico
Gallery43 / (The Loft) Marietta, Georgia

About The Artwork

A profound narrative runs through the complex layers enfolded into the creations of Erika Guillory Page. Her works on wood, canvas and paper are intimate and immediate. They speak truth to her life experiences while urging viewers to look deeper and discover their own stories within – memories forgotten, hidden, or even denied.

Each work beckons with embedded fragments of these memories. The passages begin bold and conspicuous, then become progressively occluded by layers of oil paint and cold wax, manifesting the dichotomous psychologies of damage and renewal, deceit and truth, abuse and love.

“My own stories have hurt, and they have healed. They’ve brought comfort and inspired great upheaval. Infusing these intensely personal accounts into the work affixes me to the viewer’s deepest experiences,” says Page. “I have to trust that by being courageous and vulnerable, something beautiful will emerge.”

Through masking and layering techniques that exquisitely blend color, material, texture and text, Page speaks to the most elemental condition of humanity, namely our need to connect. Her works are compassion. They are reclamation of dignity, identity and self-worth. They are the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen.

Page's work has been featured in American Art Collector, Santa Fe's THE Magazine and the AJC. Her works on paper and large-scale paintings have headlined numerous exhibitions and are in private collections across the US and Canada. Page lives in metro Atlanta and is represented by Gerald Peters Gallery in Santa Fe and The Loft in Marietta, Georgia.



Curriculum Vitae


Study of Figure Intensive, Cynthia Packard

Chamblee, Georgia


Abstraction Theory and Practices, Michael David

Tutelage Study (Mentorship)


Abstraction Theory and Practices, Michael David

Fine Arts Atelier Workshop (Atelier Program)


Oil Painting Technique, Charles Y. Walls

Fine Arts Atelier Workshop (Atelier Program)


NCTMB Certified, Massage Therapist

American Institute of Massage


Bachelor of Science, Nursing

Northeast Louisiana University


Selected Exhibitions


ARTWALK (monthly curated group exhibition)

5/03, 4/05, 3/01, 2/01, 1/04

The Loft — Marietta, GA


Grand Opening Show (group)

The Loft — Marietta, GA


gallery 43 — Roswell, GA

Special Merit Award, The Saxophone Played

Light & Space online gallery


Roswell Tour of Homes Show

gallery43 — Roswell, GA


gallery43 — Roswell, GA


gallery43 — Roswell, GA


Photo Abstraction

dk Gallery — Marietta, GA

Square Christmas

dk Gallery — Marietta, GA

New Year. New Artists. New Work

dk Gallery — Marietta, GA

Romance of the Figure

dk Gallery — Marietta, GA

On the Surface

dk Gallery — Marietta, GA

Inaugural Opening

dk Gallery — Marietta, GA


Hambidge Art Auction & Performance Gala

Goat Farm Arts Center — Atlanta, GA

Palate to Palette

Huntcliff River Club — Sandy Springs, GA



Atlanta Artists Center — Atlanta, GA


Words With Friends

Gerald Peters Gallery — Santa Fe, NM

The Price is Right

Swan Coach House — Atlanta, GA



Bill Lowe Gallery — Atlanta, GA


The Irascrible Muse: A Coming of Age

Bill Lowe Gallery — Atlanta, GA

The Eloquence of Trees

Bill Lowe Gallery — Atlanta, GA

Atlanta Artist Center Artists, Rene’ Mosae and Erika Page

Cellar 13 — Atlanta, GA


Selected Artists of the Atlanta Artists Center

Cellar 13 — Atlanta, GA

Bloom II (solo)

Church of the Epiphany Gallery — Decatur, GA

Bloom (solo)

The Gallery — Decatur, GA

Publications & Media


Grand Opening Show (group)

The Loft — Marietta, GA


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Feb 14, 2018

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Gallery43 opens 2018 solo schedule with RESOLUTE, a solo exhibit featuring the works of Erika Guillory Page

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Jan 19, 2018


Words with friends

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Words with friends

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