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Featured in Santa Fe’s “The Magazine”

The June, 2013 issue of Santa Fe's THE magazine features an editorial about the “Words with Friends” exhibition at Gerald Peters Gallery. An excerpt from page 32 reads:

…Life transitions can morph a person's future from a predictable narrative into an abyss of uncertainty. At such times, people often find solace in journaling – in writing down worries, fears, and hopes; a life story that is trailing off into the unknown can be pinned down with words. Erika Guillory Page's journey as an artist began as such… 

THE magazine is a visually oriented, free periodical concentrating on the local, regional, and national art scenes, as well as featuring articles, reviews and interviews on the performing arts, books, films, music, and important cultural issues of the day. THE magazine uses the resources of its community, the artists and writers living and working in New Mexico, as its primary editorial contributors. THE magazine is the eyes, ears, and voice of the art community throughout New Mexico.

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