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New Branding and Site Launch


For the last year I have been digging deep to make my most authentic work and fine tune myself as a professional artist. It is always a process of growth and discovery. In taking on this venture, I’ve had the honor of working with brand designer and creative genius, Moni Yael Garcia. The process of discovery with Moni has been revealing as to who my core is as a creative. I have uncovered parts of me that I didn’t even know were there and am headed towards a more clear vision.


Balance and dialogue became key elements during the development of my brand. Focusing on mindful healing through a balance of self-expression and self-refection were important. A minimal, and modern foundation accented with a warmer color palette and expressive accents.


Just like in my artwork, painterly elements and torn bits of paper showcasing my thoughts and layering process were incorporated throughout printed and digital material.

Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.
— Thomas Merton

As for the photography, we really wanted to capture a crisp and airy atmosphere in the studio. Focusing on light, reflections and harmonious composition behind a minimal and neutral background helped solidify the overall aesthetic.


The work involved to get to this point is so much more than I ever imagined - but it is worth it! While I know the adventure of living a creative life is always evolving, it feels wonderful to have reached this very place. Thank you, Moni! … and thank you amazing community to being here with me along the way!

Branding and design by Moni Yael Garcia

Photography by Morgan Blake Beatton

Letterpress printing by Rise and Shine Letterpress