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Exclusive Streaming Artwork Now Available

I am very pleased to announce that a new collection is now streaming on Loupe Art. I’ve created 25 works on paper inspired by the platform’s flowing movement and ability to create a digital art experience.

I wanted these pieces to evoke the emotion that I see when a collector connects with a piece. This desire to connect, even through the screen, prompted a deep commitment to make each and every mark relevant and dynamic.

Creating this collection for Loupe was an exciting challenge for me. My desire was to create original work that would translate just as strongly on screen as it would in person, which is not something I typically consider when beginning new work.


Loupe Art is a visual art experience, a “high-tech curator” that allows anyone to stream and buy artwork from around the world. Loupe Art is available on Apple TV in 40 countries, and allows its users to curate and create their own digital works to display on their computers, phones, or other large format screens.

This a-la-carte art buying experience is unique in the sense that it allows you to live with the work prior to buying. The service allows you to stream from a constantly expanding portfolio of art from around the world.

One of the best features is the ability to purchase the work directly through the app, making it convenient to preview and buy in a few steps. You can either purchase fine art prints, or buy the originals.

Loupe is curated beautifully, presents its artists with details and depth, and has proven to be a perfect fit for what I am looking for in an online gallery. Please take a look at the entire collection linked below.


View the entire collection at loupeart.com
Studio photograph by morganblake.co